When we were approached by MAD & Associates about stocking their brand of watch I was immediately taken in by the company name thinking this could be different. And it is……

electricianz brown watch

I think everyone needs to be a little authentic and unique in their look even if it is in an accessory like a watch. Electricianz is bold and subtle across the range with the emphasis being on power. The brand has Swiss watchmaking technology which evokes what we class as quality and precision.
Each model slightly differs in appearance and colour but the overall dial display shows the influence of power by electricity, hence the wires, battery and coil being exposed.

Men’s watches have evolved into sort after fashion piece and the arrival of the Electricianz brand has added some fun with their offbeat designs but still maintaining the quality of a high-class quartz movement watch.

neon z watch

The NEON Z – A new release extruding fluorescent shapes and colours in a great mix of the punk spirit and 90’s urban culture. 

And once it is exposed to ultraviolet light it really pops. UV-reactive paint will transform your timepiece in a way no watch ever did. Playing with the raw expressions of electricity is our DNA, and this watch brings this design experimentations to a new level!

Flat battery? This model is designed with a double battery system that with the switch of a dial converts to the reserve battery. A little LED light alerts you that the power source is low and invites you to switch.
This will give you twice the life of your battery so no more losing track of time anywhere – just switch.

See Product here.

dezert watch

The DEZERT– Another new release which is totally different in style to the NEON Z. Its tones take you to that no mans land harsh landscape of sand, dirt and sun. A totally awesome look with a glove fitting thermo moulded nylon covered stainless steel case, which has a class 10 rating for strength and durability against any abnormal conditions.

Overall this beast has a soft muted colour combination which makes it wearable with any fashion code. It also has the double battery power source.

See product here.

carbon z watch

The CARBON Z – full of fun and colour that stands out on the black dial and draws your eyes to the bright strands of wire that gives you the full experience of the Electricianz brand.

The Embossed Italian leather band adds a sublime finish to the model and reminds us not to take life too seriously.
All models are 45mm in diameter so are not an oversized watch but still have the impact of difference.

See product here.

blackout watch

BLACKOUT – An eclectic piece which combines the dark nightlife to an era of steampunk. A very industrial look that emits style and notions of a coal fired source of power.

The darkness of the dial can be LED lit by the press of the top right button.

All models have a white light for ease of reading in low light situations.

See product here.

glowing watch

All models have a white light for ease of reading in low light situations.

Each piece has a band designed specifically for the model but if you want your watch to be a bit more unique to you then the leather or cloth Nato bands can be purchased separately and easily fitted for a different look.

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