The three gears in the logo depict the very DNA of the REC companies concept – RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM

Every REC watch has its own story to tell. Salvaged parts are recycled from ionic classic cars and planes that are beyond restoration.
The point of difference is the unique variations of colour and patina in the metal used.

The R-51 collection – is body panels salvaged from Ford Mustangs, typically the 1966.

The dials replicate the speedometer and fuel gauges found on the Mustang dashboard and the year and original VIN number of which the panel came from is evident on the dial also.

The engine of the watch is powered by a Miyota calibre 9130 automatic movement with a power reserve of 48 hours. You will never run out of gas no matter how fast you go.

The rotor decoration on the P-51 is inspired by the Classic Mustang hubcaps design. The design of the hubcaps was presented on the first generation of Ford Mustangs when it was initially introduced in 1964.

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Model P-F1-02 (Rear)

The 901 Collection – has more than 50 years of history encapsulated in every piece. It pays tribute to the air-cooled Porsche 911 – one of the most ionic sports cars ever created.

The 901 collection is powered by a tip top tier automatic Miyota 9100 calibre movement.

The dawn of the 911 Porsche was in 1963 and first introduced to the public at a Frankfurt motor show.
What sets this watch apart is the dial being cut from a salvaged Porsche 911. Coated with a grey, semi translucent lacquer to preserve the original patina.

The seconds numbers around the outer dial is displayed in the original Porsche font.

Any connoisseur of Porsche 911 will quickly identify the dial with the dashboard of this classic car. The crown is also designed to mirror the horn cap on the steering wheel with the REC logo.

The case back is inspired by the highly distinctive Otto Fuchs rims of the classic 911´s – and even the rotor is decorated to resemble the drilled brake discs!

The iconic “Fuchsfelge” was designed by Otto Fuchs in the early 1960´s, when Porsche approached the designer as they needed a very special wheel for their prototype of what was to become the Porsche 911. The rest is history.

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Model 901-3 (Rear)

The RJM Collection – A piece of world history in the form of untreated aluminium cut from the PT879MK IX Spitfire Aircraft.

The design depicts the style of the aircraft and watches worn by pilots of this era.

With the crown protector emulating the wing shape and structure of the Spitfires aerodynamic marvel makes the RJM stand out on your wrist.

The four notches on the crown marks the number of blades on the propeller and the rotor which powers the automatic movement has been based on the rivet construction of the Spitfire body.

The tail of the seconds hand takes form from the propeller blades of the MK IX Spitfire aircraft. The first MK I prototype actually had a two-blade wooden fixed-pitch propeller, whereas the last Spitfire aircraft mark, the MK 24 (type 356) was equipped with five metal blades.

The date window has the original metal from the Spitfire. As these are a scarce machine the minimum amount had to be used

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Model RJM-03 (Rear)

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