Timberland Watches:
Like the Boot – Love the Watch.

Are you looking for a watch that can complement your outdoor lifestyle? If so, then Timberland watches should be on your radar.
Timberland is a United States based brand that has been in business since 1952. Originating in Massachusetts, Timberland took inspiration from New England’s mix of classic old cities and wooded mountain trails. The result was a range of functional but stylish products for outdoor enthusiasts, from boots to jackets to backpacks.
Timberland also expanded into watches, which capture the appeal of the brand’s other products. Leather wristbands give way to stainless steel casings with timeless faces. As both lovely keepsakes and functional timepieces, Timberland watches fit the bill.
Whether you are looking for a robust watch for Outback adventures, a stylish accessory for city dinner parties or something that lands in between, Timberland’s range will offer something that resonates with you.
Earthy browns of the bush to the deep blue of the ocean, Timberland watches capture the true spirit and the colours of the outdoors.
Of course, there are other types of watches available, too. The Gents ‘Boxford’ watch, for instance, boasts a rugged design ideal for hikers, bikers, and camping enthusiasts. With a silicone strap, a durable case and water resistance up to 50 metres, this watch is perfect for someone who likes to spend most of their time outdoors. With the stopwatch feature you can time your runs without the worry of perspiration ruining the band. It has clean lines and the stainless-steel case adds to the dynamics of this model. The crown is also protected from being caught by the extrusion of the case. A great model that gives a casual but classy appearance.

With the introduction of Thurlow to the range Timberland has extended its need for Solar Power to ramp up the image of the brand.
This is a great feature as the watch just needs the littlest of light to charge up the solar cell. These cells can last up to 10years so no more battery changes for a while. They have a smart design with the traditional tree logo on the dial and highlights of colour on the hands and batons.

If you prefer the rugged look of a dive watch then the Barnstead is the watch for you. A heavy fixed bezel and chronograph features gives it a very coastal feel with the watery blue colours flowing over this range.

The Robbinston set comes with a second band made from 100% recycled polyester. Timberland strives to be eco friendly with the introduction of this process for their canvas bands. The bands have a quick release pin so changing looks is very simple. The watch itself is a very dressy, slimline version which could be worn with a suit and fit right in.

If metal bands are more your go too then maybe the Taunton has what it takes. This family comes in gunmetal, black and silver with also a leather version. The grid design on the case adds to the styling of the heavy mesh band. The sub dials give date and 24hr time and the white hands on the grey/blue dial make telling time easy with just a glance.

The simplicity of the Woodmont with its subtle colours is perfect for day to night wear. The stainless steel case has a hard PVD coating which gives a nice smooth matte finish to the watch and blends well with the tan leather band.

The Millway black dial with mustard highlights and leather band speaks sun, sand and the Gold Coast lifestyle. Its bright playful look will bring a smile to your face whenever you look to see the time.
With a larger Stainless-steel case of 47mm and sub dials displaying 24 hour and dual time you will never lose track of home time when traveling.

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